2013 - 2014 Equestrian Team Schedule

Date Event Location  
September 14th                            Preview Day and Team Show Providence Hill Farm 
September 22nd                           Team Meeting 7:00pm MC 
September 28th                            MC/MHJA Fall Horse Show Providence Hill Farm 
September 29th                            Tentative Clinic Providence Hill Farm 
October 13th                                Team Meeting 7:00pm MC 
October 19-20th                            UGA IHSA Horse Show Braselton, GA 
October 26th                                 Berry IHSA Horse Show Rome, GA 
November 10th                              Team Meeting 7:00pm MC 
November 16th                              Berry IHSA Horse Show Rome, GA 
November 16th                              Preview Day MC/Providence Hill Farm 
December 6th                               Providence Hill Farm Teams Christmas Party 
December 7-8th                            MHJA Holiday Show Canton, MS 
January 11th                                Team Show Providence Hill Farm 
January 25-26th                            Tentative Otis Brown Jr Clinic Providence Hill Farm 
February 8-9th                              GT/KSU IHSA Show Woodstock, GA 
February 16th                               University of Alabama IHSA Show Birmingham, AL 
February 22nd                              Berry College IHSA Show Rome, GA 
March 1st                                    IHSA Regionals at UGA Braselton, GA 
March 3rd                                    Team Meeting at 7:00pm MC 
March 22-23rd                              MHJA Spring Fling Show Canton, MS 
April 5th                                       IHSA Zones at Berry College Rome, GA 
TBD                                            Spring Benefit Horse Show Providence Hill Farm                                

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