Boarding and Other Services

Our facility is fantastic and provides a wonderful home with meticulous care for every horse. Providence Hill Farm offers full training board, which includes 3-4 days per week of a full grooming service plus general boarding services, or basic care board, which includes only general boarding services and no grooming services. Boarding services are provided only to horses and riders in our training and lesson programs.


  • Basic Board                                                                     $650.00 per month

(includes feeding, stall cleaning, turnout and blanketing) (does out include any grooming, training, tack cleaning or medical care services)

  • Partial Month Basic Board                                                 $30.00 per day

Other Services

  • General Grooming and Schooling Supplies per Horse          $  50.00 per month

(use of shampoo, show sheen, fly spray, brushes, towels and other grooming products and supplies, practice baby pads, bandages, schooling coolers and sweat sheets, and tack cleaning products and supplies and laundry services) (except laundering and/or dry cleaning of blankets and sheets) (does not include use of tack, blankets, or show pads or coolers, bell boots or shin boots, or turnout fly sheets)

  • Tack Up and Put Away Horse                                                            $ 20.00
  • Bath Horse                                                                                       $ 20.00
  • Mane Pulling                                                                                    $ 20.00
  • Clipping (ears, face, bridle path, legs)                                                 $ 30.00


For more information and to set up an appointment, please call Tina Davey at 601-925-0557 or email her or

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